Affordable Housing / Public Housing / Gentrification

Red Hook and Sunset Park are not for Sale to luxury developers! I will fight against the rezoning of Sunset Park’s waterfront that serves the needs of wealthy outsiders, not the community. NYCHA Red Hook housing will not be privatized for developers profit or will continue severely underfunded for much need maintenance.

Affordable housing in New York City means attainable apartments for low-income families. Yet, nowhere in the city, you can find affordable housing. The media income varies between $70,000-$90,000 in the new high-rises that developers are building in several neighborhoods like Sunset Park and Red Hook with the blessing of the city.

That media income does not correspond to reality in these neighborhoods where most individuals make from $35,000-45,000 a year.

In the last few years, the homeless population has been increasing due to lack of living wages and Gentrification in NYC where thousands of families can’t afford these rents.  City Hall is paying 73 million dollars a year for hotel space to give them shelter. We believe that the homeless numbers could be reduced if some of that money can be used to help families to live in affordable homes of their own. The city owns many buildings that can be renovated to accommodate families in need. Several agencies must come under one chain of command to find a solution to this massive problem, that will only rise as rents keep going higher. We will put all of our efforts in finding the solution.

Public Housing is under assault by the Federal Government. The proposed budget for 2018 presented by Donald Trump cuts NYCHA by more than three hundred million dollars. Currently, New York City Housing Authority receives about 70% of its operating budget from HUD. The total population of residents in Public Housing in New York City is greater than 400,000 people.

Currently, there is a backlog of needed repairs in NYCHA.  In many of the buildings, garbage is not regularly picked up causing rodents to feast on the remains. Roofs leak, elevators stall, and security systems fail. Mold has been a menace to the health of NYCHA residents since Hurricane Sandy and only now the courts are pressing the issue. All of these elements present health hazards to the residents in Public Housing.

If the Federal government goes ahead with the proposed budget cuts, New York State and New York City must put in place a tax hike on the top 5% New Yorkers. Also, corporations not paying taxes in New York must begin to pay their fare share.

Gentrification: Our communities in District 38 must be protected against displacement coming from wealthy developers who want to take over our neighborhoods, our schools, our hospitals, and change the makeup of our community.

Rents have skyrocketed in Sunset Park and Red Hook due to gentrification and increasing taxes. HUD has established the median income for a family of four to be $90,600 a year, but few among the working families in these neighborhoods earns that kind of salary.

Developers from outside our community must not be allowed to build without the consent of the community, and residents must not be forced to leave their homes because of higher rents and taxes.

 We must stop the displacement in our district.

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